The Darkside Cattery
This rare breed was developed by Nikki Horner by breeding the black American Shorthair with the sable Burmese. The result is an elegant, miniature black panther with short, shiny black fur and big eyes, that range in color from gold to copper.

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The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) chose to officially recognize this lovely cat (then called the Domestic Shorthair) as one of its first five registered breeds in 1906.

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Persians, have luxurious coats and combined with a loving and gentle personality they have become one of the most popular breeds.

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Tiberius Cats
Tiberius Cats is registered with ACFA, CFA & TICA.  We breed hypo-allergenic/reduced sensitivity kittens for exceptional health, disposition & Siberian type.
Tiberius Cats is a boutique breeder, specializing in the propagation and preservation of purebred Siberian Forest Cat blood lines. In order to provide you with the very best pedigreed Siberian Kitten, we hand pick our breeding stock and observe through the development.  Cats & kittens live underfoot, grow up loved & well socialized.
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